Incedo™ OpenNew! Smart visual overview and PULSE digital locks.

Open your building to tomorrow’s services

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to offer apartment owners and tenants a secure and flexible entry phone and access control solution? And you will no longer have to worry about lost keys or how service employees will be able to access apartments? Say hi to Incedo Open!

Add products and services at any time

Flexible Incedo™ Open gives you the option to grow over time with the services that meet your needs. You can cherry pick the specific options that fit your business right now. Add or remove services and products as the situation changes.

Hello, digital cylinder!
Goodbye, key management problems!

Keys wander off. You’ve heard it before. With Incedo™ Open, we offer PULSE digital cylinders. If a key disappears, you don’t have to change the entire lock. You reprogram the cylinder. The PULSE key eliminates expensive and time-consuming battery changes through a smart way of generating electricity.

Everyone will be able to open the door

The WellCom entry phone is loaded with features that make life easier for building owners and users. For example, visually impaired people can use smart functions, tactile markings and the screen is clear in sunlight.

Always connected

No more time wasted moving databases or sending updates manually. With Incedo™ Open cloud service, databases and systems are automatically updated.

Convenient key management

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid handing out and collecting keys every time someone makes a service visit to the building? With digital key management, you can save money while being kinder to the environment by reducing car travel to and from the key drop-off site.

Incedo™ Open features and advantages

Cloud-based access control system
  • No in-house server required
  • Reliable via Amazon Web Service
  • Easy to expand
  • Easy to upgrade
Digital key management
  • Remote control of doors from cell phone
  • Digital PULSE cylinders
Graphic planning and management
  • Enter properties in interactive map.
  • Import property drawings
  • Place readers, entry phones and digital cylinders via interactive property drawing
  • Monitor system status and receive clear indicators if anything is wrong
Functions for apartment buildings and for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Manage contracts and apartment information for apartment buildings
  • Manage control of external alarm systems for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Entry phone WellCom
  • ASSA ABLOY-approved products
  • Future ASSA ABLOY products and services will be integrated in Incedo Open
Future functionality
  • API for third-party integration
  • API for integration with existing ARX and Multiaccess users

ASSA ABLOY’s certified products cover all the needs of your building.

Updates with new features and products come regularly.

ASSA ABLOY’s certified products cover all the needs of your building.

Updates with new features and products come regularly.