ASSA ABLOY Code Handle

Code Handles for windows and interior doors

Code Handle is our series of handles for windows and interior doors in which the locking is built into the handle.

ASSA ABLOY Code Handle Door is an electromechanical code handle for interior doors. The door is opened by entering a 4, 5 or 6 digit code on the display of the handle, and is locked by auto lock or by pressing only one button on the display. When there are requirements or desire for access limited to only authorized persons, the Code Handle Door offers an simple and effective key-less locking. Code Handle Door is the perfect locking device where the private sphere meets the public or when there is a need for access restrictions in residential environments.

ASSA ABLOY Code Handle Window is a handle for windows and terrace/balcony doors with a built in code lock. The handle is locked by just pressing a single button on the keypad on the handle, and is opened by pressing a 4-6 digit code. No need for keys that are too accessible or misplaced. And if the code comes into the wrong hands, it is easly changed into a new one.

ASSA ABLOY Code Handle Window DIN is made for windows and glazed doors with a "Dreh kipp" or "Tilt & Turn" model. These are availabe to buy in Europe and Scandinavia. 

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