Styra 3000

Relax. Our control units know what’s going on inside a building, whether it’s an access system with just a few doors or a gigantic system with thousands of doors. They have dynamic memories, which means you get to choose your priorities.

Styra 3000

A flexible control unit that manages all the property’s needs including entry phones, booking and access systems, door units and alarms. The Styra 3000 has smart features including language support for the Ringa entry phone and Boka booking board and control of laundry equipment.

The easy-to-install control unit

Organize the cards and cables in your control unit. Colormarked terminal blocks match stripped Aptus cables. Userfriendly lock with a closing mechanism and a special hinge that allows you to prop the lid open or unhook it.

Easy cable installation

Instead of running the cable from the control unit to all products at the door, simply run the Aptus 485 bus from the control unit to the door unit. Then connect the door environment and its related products (e.g. readers, entry phones, locks) to the Koppla door unit. s Koppla 4300 has four double balanced inputs and three outputs. Koppla 2100 is a door unit for basic doors, with two inputs and one output. Both door units can activate locks and detect if a door is open. Both units have a tamper switch and a buzzer with various programming options.

The reliable control unit

Operational reliability and easy reader replacement. Sepa - rate fuses, bus cables and compartmentation enhance this control unit's operational reliability. These features ensure that the control unit continues working if part of the system fails. For instance, if the the entry door is damaged, the ba - sement and laundry room doors will remain unaffected. The buses and outlets have electronic fuses, which protects both the buses and outputs in the event of short circuiting. The advantage of having fused outputs is that they remain undamaged in the event of short circuiting. This makes it easy to fix damaged cables, strike plates etc. and get the output working again.

The versatile control unit

You decide which Styra 3000 unit in your system will be assigned master or slave status and which functions it will have. Internal and external inputs and outputs can be freely combined. If you want to expand the system with new functions, just add the chosen function via an expansion card or an additional control unit. It can also control other functions such as lighting and alarms.