Yale Doorman for Aptus

System connected electronic locks on the apartment door is cost effective. This means that you are administering all the property keys centrally - from the common doors and entry phones to the apartment locks. Yale Doorman for Aptus is easy to install and filled with smart solutions as speaking descriptions, and moreover there is an associated app.

Features and advantages

  • Integrated solenoid handle lock and proximity reader in the same product.
  • Connected to the system via radio or standalone.
  • Installed in three parts: interior part, exterior part and lock.
  • Existing lock case can be replaced with Yale Doorman för Aptus.
  • No need for a mechanical key. No traditional cylinder.
  • Simple to install, no cable installation required.
  • Lock has a hook bolt to make it burglar proof.
  • Unlock with key tag or code.
  • Open with the knob from inside even without power.
  • Made of UV-protected metal.
  • Available in silver, white or black.
  • Reads proximity tags such as Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus.
  • Clear interaction with user, e.g. with spoken instructions in chosen language.
  • Exterior part is designed for indoor and outdoor use, interior part is designed for indoor use only.
  • Communication between lock and control unit via radio, encrypted for maximum security.
  • Unit can operate without contact with access system. This ensures stable function. Authorized key tags and codes are stored locally.
  • User can administer own door via the mobile app Låsa Smartphone for iPhone / Android. or Aptusportal Styra.
  • Comes with three key tags: Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus.

Power supply V DC: 6, supplied from batteries
Batteries 4 x AA 1.5V alkaline
Battery life
(System connected)
7-10 months of normal use
Low battery warning Yes

Interior temperature °C 0 to +50
Interior humidity % 10 to 90
Exterior temperature °C -25 to +70
Exterior humidity % 10 to 100

Styra 3000 Yes, from version D0, Multiaccess Styra version 8.1 required.
700 XX: No
MC1: No


Frequency band MHz 868
Number of channels 4
Reach, m Free air: 25, through wall / door: 15
Encryption AES 128-bit EAX mode
Number of locks per Koppla 0010 8
Number of locks per Styra 3000 32

Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus Yes 
Mifare Classic 1K / 4-byte UID
Floating ID Yes, key tag is re-encoded after each unlocking to prevent duplication.

Doorleaf thickness, mm 40 - 88
Symmetrical Yes, can be fitted right-hinged or left-hinged.
Strike plate ASSA 1487
Door gap, mm Max. 5

Height: 290/290
Width: 50/69
Depth: 23,2/54,8
Net weight in kg: 4.8

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