Koppla 0010

Door unit for radio communication with lock.

Features and advantages

  • Wireless connection to the lock: Yale Doorman för Aptus.
  • Up to eight locks per Koppla 0010.
  • Connect your lock to the system via Koppla 0010.
  • Manages encrypted radio traffic with radio module installed in the lock.
  • Koppla 0010 can be paired with lock via Multiaccess or directly in Koppla 0010 using a push button.
  • Use cable, Aptuskabel 1, from control unit to door unit.
  • Tamper switch, logged to Multiaccess Styra.

Power supply V DC 24/12
Consumption Watts min 0,6 max 0,72 at 24V
Amp min 0,025 max 0,030 at 24V

Temperature ˚C -30 to +60
 Humidity % Rh 10 to 100

Number of A485 ports 1 (to control unit)
LEDs for indication of communication status Yes
LEDs for indication of position of paired lock Yes, 8
Number of Koppla 0010 per Styra 3000 Any number, up to total number of resources:
Styra 3000 handles up to 255 resources,
Koppla 0010 requires 10 resources.
Number of locks per Styra 3000 32
Number of locks per Koppla 0010 8

Frequency band MHz 868
Number of channels 4
Reach, m Free air: 25, through wall / door: 15
Encryption AES 128-bit EAX mode

Communication with Styra 3000 RS 485 (A485)
Communication with Yale Doorman för Aptus Radio

Height 128
Width 156
Depth 41
Net weight in kg 0,19

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