Hantera Styra

Web-based administration program

Features and advantages

  • Administration of Multiaccess via Internet/intranet. Powerful search function.
  • Inspection of systems and keys.
  • Key confirmation.
  • Key blocking.
  • Add customers and keys.
  • Change access area, door codes and telephone numbers.
  • View system status and logs.
  • Remote booking.
  • Service booking with automatic booking notification.
  • Help function.
  • Management of customer bookings.
  • Administration of communication boards. (Agera 19)
  • Administration of items for communication board.
  • Administration of templates for communication boards.
  • Real time display of communication board content.
  • Reporting of customer consumption data, e.g. temperature, electricity, water and energy.
  • Administration of price lists and consumption logs.
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English interface.


user= admin
password = admin


Webserver: Windows 2008 Server, 2012 Server
Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8>
(We recommend a server operating system.)
Microsoft.NET 4.5
Internet Information Server vers. 7 eller senare.
Multiaccess Styra
Client Internet Information Server vers. 7 or later.
Mozilla Firefox vers. 23 or later.

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