Låsa 1179

Låsa 1179 controls the proximity keys. It can be mounted indoors and outdoors, mostly on property's general doors.

Features and advantages

  • Solenoid handle lock and proximity reader integrated into same product.
  • Split installation means the reader is protected on the inside of the door; only the antenna and indicator are on the outside.
  • Replace existing lock case with solenoid handle lock ABLOY EL980 included in the product.
  • Designed for installation on door leafs without lock cylinder.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and brushed chrome.
  • Reads proximity cards or keys for EM.                         
  • Integrated buzzer.
  • For indoor and outdoor use. *) 
  • The reader can be integrated with other Multiaccess products.
  • Communication between the control unit and reader is encrypted with 32-bit keys.

*) Only the outside can be mounted outdoors. 

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