Styra 3000

Control unit for access, booking, entrance phone, alarm and energy systems.

Features and advantages

  • Access control unit for 8 doors. Booking control unit for Boka *)
  • Entry phone unit for Ringa **). Call to AT 20 / AT 21 or through telephone system.
  • Fused and protected.
  • Combine internal and external connection of door environments.
  • Configurable to slave or master.
  • Network communication with slaves.
  • AES encryption (128-bit).
  • Battery backup internal memory, tamper switch, buzzer and real-time clock.
  • Programming via Multiaccess Styra. Functions: access control, booking func- tions, alarm bypass.
  • Alarm: burglar, fire, motion and leakage via double balanced inputs, e.g. for Styra I/O 8800.
  • Choice of 12 Volt or 24 Volt for A485. Fused 12 Volt and 24 Volt to external equipment.
  • Connection to alarm center via Multi- access.
  • Control of e.g. relays, sirens and lock opening. Locking of building mailboxes and stor- age room locks. ***)

*) Cannot be combined with entry phone.
**) Requires Styra Porttelefonkort 4400.
***) Requires AXI2O16.


Electrical data
Power supply V DC: 24/12
Consumption Watt: min. 1,6 max. 2,3 at 24V
Amp: min. 0,065 max. 0,095 at 24V

Temperature ˚C: -0 to +40
 Humidity % Rh: 10 to 90

Product data
Number of users max. 65 535
Number of customers max. 9000
Registration of events / alarms 24 000 / 2000
Registration of meter readings 64 points, 768 values/ point /32 days 384
Number of time zones 384
Number of booking items 16
Booking boards (Booking) 4

Transistor output., e.g. for lock opening 1
Inputs for dry contact connection for
e.g. door indication, open button or Impulse metering

Communication between master and PC Ethernet, Modem and RS 232 (AES128)
Communication between master unit and slave unit Ethernet, RS 485 (AES128)
Communication with reader, door unit, motor lock etc. RS 485 (A485)

Inputs, optional use , BS 16 (requires 2 Styra I/O 8800)
Relay outputs, optional use, switching terminal 16 (requires 2 Styra I/O 8800)
A485 doors, fused and protected 8 (e.g. with 2 Styra Komkort 4000)

By connecting external units to the control unit, more functions can be added such as:  
Inputs 64 totalt
Outputs 96
Bus for 1-wire sensor Yes
Mbus Yes
Control of building mailboxes Yes
Communication with laundry equipment Yes

Dimensions in mm
Height: 239
Width: 357
Depth: 62
Net weight in kg: 2,5


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