Ringa 1507

Ringa 1507 is equipped with a proximity reader, illuminated graphic display and indication signal. It has a keyhole symbol and calls up the apartment via the home telephone, IP telephony or Svara 23 doorbell intercom.

Features and advantages


  • Manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Robust design against vandalism.
  • Designed for surface mounting.
  • Reader with keypad.
  • Illuminated keypad and keyhole symbol.
  • Call via keypad.
  • Reads proximity cards and keys (APC, APT and Aptusnyckel).
  • Calls doorbell intercom (Svara 23) via the telephone network or IP telephone.*
  • Integrated buzzer.
  • Tamper switch.
  • Can control external buzzer.
  • Entry phone settings via Multiaccess.
  • Entry phone number administered via Multiaccess or Admin.
  • Up to 8192 telephone numbers.
  • Telephone number: 1–12 characters.
  • The reader has encrypted communications (32-bit keys) with the control unit.


* Requires ATA box from IP telephony provider.

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