Entry phone

An entry phone is your very own doorman who not only keeps an eye on the door but also helps your visitors find their way. Because it’s the first thing to greet visitors to your building we’re happy to offer entry phones that are user friendly and durable. And it’s only natural for us to add value to your property in the form of security and elegance. Entry phone calls to apartments take place via the analog telephone system, IP telephony or through a dedicated hardwire connection. The entry phone system can be extended with applications for communicating with tenants, booking communal spaces, simple key management, individual water and energy metering and mail stations.

Product maintenance – rust on Ringa and Öppna covers

Rust is sometimes found on our Ringa and Öppna covers. In most cases, this happens near construction sites when small metal particles are blown through the air by the wind and settle on the cover.In other words, it is not actually the cover that has rusted. You can remove the layer of rust by wiping the cover. If the metal particles are left on the cover for a long time, you may need to use a metal cleaner such as Autosol to get the cover shiny again.This problem can be prevented by cleaning the covers regularly, for instance as part of the regular maintenance plan.