Boka 2316 Mifare

Booking board with graphic display.

Features and advantages

  • Stainless steel
  • Robust design against vandalism.
  • For recessed mounting.
  • Graphic display with safety glass.
  • Integrated Mifare proximity reader with keyhole symbol.
  • May be ordered with inverted logo.
  • Reads Mifare proximity cards and keys.
  • Booking board for use with other Multiaccess products.
  • Possible to book and start up to 16 items per board; e.g. washing machines, conference rooms, tennis courts, squash courts, fitness rooms etc.
  • All items in one system can be booked from the same board.
  • Ability to randomly allocate booked items to provide more even equipment wear.
  • Automatic cancellation of unutilized slots.
  • Number of bookings per month/week can be limited to safeguard capacity and counter misuse.
  • Booking up to one year in advance.
  • 48 bookable slots per 24 hour period.
  • Possible to prevent booking the next slot until the first slot is
  • Laundry time settings and limits to the number of slots are easily made via Multiaccess.
  • Cancellation of a used slot releases any remaining time.
  • Make opportunity bookings e.g. immediate start of the car wash if a slot is available.
  • Warm up the sauna 60 minutes before slot commences.
  • Web administration.
  • Available for recessed mounting; select Boka 2316 instead.
  • Communication between control unit and booking board
    is encrypted using 32-bit keys.


Power supply V DC 12-24, supplied by control unit
Consumption, Watts Min 2.2 max 9.6 at 24 V
Amp: Min 0.09 max 0.4 at 24 V

Temperature ˚C: 0 to +40
Humidity, %: 10 to 90

Item grouping Yes
Random allocation Yes
Automatic cancellation Yes
Limit number of bookings Yes
Booking via communication board Yes
Booking via administration PC Yes
Export files to Excel or XML Yes
”Punch ticket function” Yes
Booking via internet Yes
Booking via mobile phone Yes
Generate statistics Yes
Remotely upgradeable via Styra 3000 Yes
Language support, two languages, via Styra 3000 Yes
-Mifare Classic 1K Yes
-Mifare Classic 4K Yes
-4-byte UID Yes
-7-byte UID Yes
-Reads card serial number Yes
-Reads optional block in optional sector Yes

500XX, 600XX, MC1 No
700XX Version R2 or later Yes
Styra 3000 Version C0 or later Yes
Multiaccess Version 7.3 or later Yes

Height 192
Width 490
Recess height 143
Recess width 449
Recess depth 45
Surface mounting 9
Installation height, center of cable entry point 1289
Display 8 inch in 16:9 landscape format
Net weight in kg 2.3

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