Aptuskabel 2 CPR

Twisted pair cable for Aptus485 bus and power supply and extra pair of data cables.


  • One thicker pair for power supply, 1.0 mm.
  • Two pairs for data, 0.15 mm.
  • Simplified installation with clear color markings: Red/Black = +/-; Yellow/
  • Blue=A/B, Green/Orange.
  • Recommended for installation of Ringa, where the extra pair can be used for audio.
  • Halogen-free cable.
  • Extra multi-stranded.
  • The cable is intended for indoor installation

Product data
Nominal voltage V: 125
Minimum bend radius mm: 72
Conductor material: Extra multifaceted
Configuration: 2x1 + 2x0,15
Color marking: Red/Black + Yellow/Blue + Green/Orange
Shielding pairs: Data pairs shielded with al. foil. Should not be connected.
Fire classification according to the CPR: Dca,s1,d1,a1
DOP-nummer (Declaratation of performance) BK013850101

Temperature ˚C: -20 to +70
Humidity %: 10 to 100

Length: 100m / 500m
Diameter: 7,2mm
Net weight: 65 kg/km

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