E100 SKP

Electric lock with integrated Mifare proximity reader.

Features and advantages

  • Integrated solenoid handle lock and proximity reader in the same product.
  • Connected to the system via radio.
  • Installed in three parts: interior part, exterior part and lock.
  • Existing lock case can be replaced with Yale Doorman för Aptus.
  • No need for a mechanical key. No traditional cylinder.
  • Simple to install, no cable installation required.
  • Lock has a hook bolt to make it burglar proof.
  • Unlock with key tag or code.
  • Open with the knob from inside even without power.
  • Made of UV-protected metal.
  • Reads proximity tags such as Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus.
  • Clear interaction with user, e.g. with spoken instructions in chosen language.
  • Exterior part is designed for indoor and outdoor use, interior part is designed for indoor use only.
  • Communication between lock and control unit via radio, encrypted for maximum security.
  • Unit can operate without contact with access system. This ensures stable function. Authorized key tags and codes are stored locally.
  • User can administer own door via the mobile app Låsa Smartphone for iPhone / Android.
  • Comes with three key tags: Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus.

Technical data
Approvals (CERTIFICATION=) CE, EN179, EN1906 (3 7 – 1 1 3 3 B), DIN18273
Dimensions 312 x 41 x 10/20 mm (H x W x D)
Available profiles EURO, SWISS, BLIND, SCAND
Handles U-Shape or L-Shape , Stainless steel brushed
Distance 72 mm/92 mm/74 mm/94 mm, spindle 9 mm
Doorleaf 40–100 mm, in 5 mm increments
Backset > 40 mm
Battery 1 x Lithium CR123A (inside)
Battery life Ca > 40 000 cycles (for max. 3 years)
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 (2,4 GHz)
Encryption 128 bit AES
Distance between the Reader
and Koppla 0020
5 m or 25 m depending on the hub
type and building environments
Class of protection IP 52
Operating temperature range -25 °C to +60 °C
Humidity < 85 % (condensation free)
Status LED (red/green/orange)
RFID technology MIFARE™ classic; MIFARE™ DESFire™  EM410x;
RFID reading UID / Sektor / Block / Application /
Scanning range < 4 cm

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