E100 S

Features and advantages

  • Communication from Koppla 0020 via RS485 bus to the Access Control System
    - access decision in the EAC system
  • Can be used with all Scandinavian mortise locks - in wooden, steel and tubular-frame doors
  • Main electronics (RFID + radio) outside - security-relevant electronics inside
  • Outside handle rotates freely - inside handle always engaged
  • Possibility to store up to 10 emergency cards (only used in case of disconnection from the
    Koppla 0020)
  • LED for status visualisation

Keep in mind that the lock itself may have features that are not
supported in the Aptus system.


Technical data
Authentication CARD only
PIN code No
Dimensions 312 x 41 x 10/20 mm (H x W x D)
Application versions (VERSION=) Basic = interior and exterior doors up to grade 2
Handles U-Shape or L-Shape
Escutcheon finish (FINISH=) Stainless steel brushed (ST)
Distance/ Spindle (DISTANCE=) 105 mm with spindle 8 mm
Door Thickness (DOOR THICKNESS=) Door leaf between 35 and 95 mm thick, in 10mm
Backset > 40 mm
Mounting plate (PLATE=) 45 mm or 55 mm
Battery 1 x Lithium CR123A
Battery life > 40 000 cycles (for max. 3 years)
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz)
Encryption (radio communikation) AES 128 bits
Distance between the Reader
and Koppla 0020
5 m or 25 m depending on the hub
type and building environments
Class of protection IP52
Operating temperature range 0–60 °C
Humidity < 85 % (condensation free)
Status LED  (red/green/orange)
RFID technology MIFARE™ classic; MIFARE™ DESFire™  EM410x; 
RFID reading UID / Sektor / Block / Application / 
Scanning range 4 cm

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