C100 S

Door unit for radio communication with lock.

Features and advantages

  • Wireless connection to the lock: Yale Doorman för Aptus.
  • Up to eight locks per Koppla 0020.
  • Connect your lock to the system via Koppla 0020.
  • Manages encrypted radio traffic with radio module installed in the lock.
  • Koppla 0010 can be paired with lock via Multiaccess or directly in Koppla 0020 using a push button.
  • Use cable, Aptuskabel 1, from control unit to door unit.
  • Tamper switch, logged to Multiaccess Styra.

Technical data
Battery 1 x Lithium CR2
Battery life > 40 000 cycles (for max. 3 years)
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz)
Encryption (radio communikation) AES 128 bits
Distance between the Reader
and Koppla 0020
5 m or 25 m depending on the hub
type and building environments
Class of protection IP 55
Operating temperature range 0–50 °C
Status LED  (red/green/orange)
RFID technology MIFARE™ classic; MIFARE™ DESFire™  EM410x
RFID reading UID / Sektor / Block / Application /
Scanning range < 4 cm
Knob versions (VERSION=) Fix or
demountable knob versions with or without RFID-Reader
Knob dimensions 43 x 33 mm (L x Ø)
Knob surface Stainless steel
Cylinder finish (FINISH=) Brass cylinder with standard finish stainless steel (RFL)
Fixing screw (SCREW LENGTH=) 60 or 85 mm

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