Yale Doorman Kombinyckel för Aptus

Proximity key for EM, Mifare and Yale Doorman.

Features and advantages

  • Keyhole shaped.
  • Each key tag has a unique 9-digit code.
  • Key tag is solid cast, making it hardwearing and watertight.
  • Compatible with all our Mifare and EM proximity readers.
  • Also works with Yale Doorman för Aptus.
  • Can be customized with owner’s logo.
  • Can be engraved with numbers 1–9.
  • Use desktop reader Registrera 2905 for key administration.

Note: Yale Doorman must be at least of version V2N.


Temperature ˚C: -30 to +50
Humidity % Rh 10 to 100

Mifare Classic 1K
4 bytes UID
13,56 MHz
Sector 7–15 free
Reading of Mifare card’s
serial number, UID or sector 7–15.
EM 4102 & 4200
Unique 9-digit card number
125 kHz
Yale Doorman Space for six locks in each Mifare
sector, 1–6. Data in section changed after
veach unlocking for maximum security.
(Floating ID)
Note: Yale Doorman must be at least of version V2N. 

Height: 58
Width: 32
Depth: 4
Net weight in kg: 0,005

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