Styra Komkort 4000

Communication card for installation on Styra 3000

Features and advantages

  • Four A485 ports equipped with fuses.
  • Saves the expense of installing separate fuses.
  • If a short circuit occurs on an A485 port, the other ports will not be affected.
  • Facilitates cable installation by allowing one Aptus cable to be installed for each door environment.
  • A reader etc. can be connected directly to the port or via a door unit.
  • Resources can be automatically connected to the appropriate door when programming from
  • Multiaccess Styra.
  • Power supply to A485 port can be controlled centrally. Practical, e.g. for maintenance.
  • The A485 port can deliver 12V or 24V.
  • Note: Before starting, check that the connected hardware supports 24V.
  • Max. two Styra Komkort 4000 concurrently per control unit


Power supply V DC 24/12
Consumption Watts min min 0,24 max 0,36 at 24V
Amp min 0,010 max 0,015 at 24V

Temperature ˚C -0 to +40
 Humidity % 10 to 90

Number of A485 ports 4
Switchable output voltage 12 / 24 V per port Yes
Fused output voltage per A485 port 2,5 A (12 V / 24 V)
Automatic fuse reset Yes
Central control of voltage for each port (To / From) Yes
LEDs for indication of communication status Yes
LEDs for indication of fuse status Yes
Blown fuses logged to Multiaccess Styra Yes

Communication to Styra 3000. RS 485 (A485) internal, in control unit.

Height 65
Width 98
Depth 17
Net weight in kg 0,10

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