Koppla 0020

Apartment control unit for access control, energy metering and alarms.

Features and advantages

  • Wireless connection to Aperio type lock.
  • Up to eight locks per Koppla 0020.
  • Connect your lock to the system via Koppla 0020.
  • Manages encrypted radio traffic with Aperio locks.
  • Koppla 0020 can be paired with lock via a special software: Aperio Programming Application, PAP.
  • Aptus cable 1 from control unit to door unit.
  • Tamper switch from lock, logged to Multiaccess Styra.
  • Possibility of programming a door to remain open for a chosen time.
  • This can be done directly on the door.

Power supply V DC 24/12
Consumption Watts min 1,44 max 1,92 at 24V
Amp min. 0.06 max. 0.08 for 24V

Temperature ˚C 5 to +35
 Humidity % 10 to 90

Number of A485 ports 1 (to control unit)
LEDs for indication of communication status Yes
LEDs indicate status of connected locks Yes
Number of Koppla 0020 devices per Styra 3000 8
Number of locks per Styra 3000 8 (max 1 lock per door)
Number of locks per Koppla 0020 8
Remote unlocking from Multiaccess Styra No
Sensor detection, door open/closed No
Remote upgrading via Multiaccess Styra Yes, partial
Card data for connected locks Mifare:
(Locks with MD in model name) Classic 1K & 4K 13,56 MHz 4 byte UID / 7 byte UID Serial number reading Sector reading

(Locks with EM in model name) 4102 & 4200 125 kHz

Frequency band GHz 2,4
Number of channels 16 16
Reach, up to, m 15–25
Encryption AES 128-bit

Communication with Styra 3000 RS 485 (A485)
Communication with Aperio lock Radio

Height 81
Width 81
Depth 54
Net weight in kg 0,18

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