AC 700S

Slave controller for four doors with encrypted communications.

Features and advantages

  • Communication between the computer and control unit is encrypted using a 128-bit key.
  • Communication between the control unit and reader is encrypted using a 32-bit key.
  • Control unit with dynamic memory.
  • Up to 30,000 users.*
  • Registration of up to 6,500 events.*
  • Up to 255 time zones.*
  • Integrated real-time clock.
  • Capable of controlling four doors.
  • Two readers per door can be connected (in and out readers).
  • Six independently programmable relay outputs.
  • Six independently programmable inputs.
  • All relays can be set to dry contact or for use of control unit power supply.
  • Battery back-up (memory) and tamper switch.
  • Can be set via Windows software (Multiaccess).
  • Centralized communications with MultiServer module via master unit.
  • Functions: door access, alarm bypass, group alarm bypass, alarm reconnection, anti-passback, interlock system, duress code, list people in building, acknowledgement of external alarm/panic alarm.
  • Time zone functions: Time and input controlled, plus reader controlled.
  • Compatible with AD 6X XX, AD 7X XX and Öppna series readers.
  • If AD 7X XX readers, Låsa 1169 or Öppna readers are selected, a total of four door environments can be connected.
  • If AD 6X XX readers are selected, only two door environments can be connected. To add two further door environments with AD 6X XX readers, purchase an extension card.

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