One program administers seven functions in the security system

Use Multiaccess to administer everything from communication boards and booking boards to apartment locks and entry phones.

A security and information system for residential buildings should be fun and simple to administer. That’s why all our software is designed specifically for apartment buildings. We are unique in this respect.

Multiaccess for apartment buildings

Multiaccess is designed for apartment buildings. You use this program to build and control your system, whether it is a communication system, access control system, booking system, lock system, alarm system, energy metering system or entry phone system.

The interface has a clear structure for programming and maintenance of an Aptus system. Programming is made easier by smart features such as a search function. Find the function you need in the overview window, then find further information in the detail windows. Register the keys using the Registrera desktop reader.

Hantera simplifies property administration

You don’t need to be an IT expert to perform daily maintenance on security systems for apartment buildings. We are proud to present Hantera Styra, a web based administration program that makes life easier for property managers and property owners.

Aptus Hosting

Relax and let us take care of your system. We store and manage your chosen data in a central database. You pay a fixed monthly fee and don’t have to worry about computers, databases and backups.