Your entry phone – a guard and a guide

Aptus entry phones control access and display a tenant register. An entry code can easily get spread around, but an entry phone doesn’t allow visitors in until you’ve approved their call.

Our entry phones make it easy to contact the person you are visiting. Clear symbols, language functions and buttons guide visitors to the right person. Because administration is managed centrally, the property manager can update tenant information without leaving the office. This saves the need to make time-consuming visits to properties.

Entry phones are securer than code locks

An important advantage of an entry phone is that visitors can’t enter the building until you’ve approved their call. An entry code can easily get spread around, allowing unauthorized persons to enter the building.

What’s more, an entry phone has a digital door register that guides visitors to your apartment. Entry phone calls reach the apartment via the analog phone system, IP telephony or a handset in the apartment.


The entry phones are made of stainless steel and very hard-wearing. There are no relays inside the entry phones, making it harder to break into the building. The phones have readers for proximity keys, which further increases security and eliminates costly key management problems.

The entry phone system is fully integrated with other Aptus systems, and can be expanded with functions for information distribution, booking, mailboxes and individual water and energy metering in communal rooms.