Send more communications to your properties

An Aptus communication system saves you making costly visits to your properties and gives tenants the right information at exactly the time you choose.

The Agera 19 communication board provides accurate information to tenants and visitors. Everyone gets the right information at the right time.

Give tenants more information without visiting the property

It’s important to convey the right information to the right people at the right time. But it’s also important not to have to go around putting notices in letterboxes and on noticeboards and changing tenant names in registers and on doors. Our communication systems let property managers send information to the right tenants straight from their computer.

More communications directly in the system

Tenants can use the communication system to make service requests, book the laundry room, receive individual information and check bus departure times. We aim to make it easy for property managers to install Aptus products and manage services.

The Agera 19 communication board has a user-friendly touchscreen interface offering a wide range of functions and services from timetables and weather reports to laundry booking and service requests.