A booking system improves living comfort

Having a system for booking the laundry room, guest apartment or conference rooms provides greater security and cost-effective management.

There is a choice of different methods for booking the communal rooms in the property. You can book via a booking board outside the laundry room, from a computer in your apartment or via your smartphone.

Secure communal rooms

It’s annoying when another tenant leaves fluff in the laundry room dryer or encroaches on your laundry slot. The Aptus booking system prevents these problems. It’s not only laundry rooms that can be booked. Other bookable facilities include sunbeds, guest apartments, conference rooms and gyms. The system can manage up to 16 bookable items and 48 bookable slots per 24 hours, with reservation up to a year in advance.

Efficient use of the laundry room

The booking system increases laundry capacity and improves tenants’ living comfort. Random allocation of booked items results in more even machine wear, which increases the machines’ lifespan. The most popular functions include automatic cancellation of unutilized slots and preventing booking of the next slot until the current slot begins. Other popular functions include releasing leftover time, drop-in bookings and advance heating of the sauna.