Aptusportal Styra

We are launching the new Aptusportal Styra. We have focused strongly on making the new version accessible to users of all physical abilities. In addition, we have combined Aptusportal Styra with our Aptus Home app. Smart, don’t you think?

Tenants and tenant-owners can use the portal to book laundry times, manage their keys and read individual messages from the property owner via their PC or mobile phone.

Tenants can also raise service requests and monitor their electricity and water consumption. In short, the portal has most of the functions needed for a safe and comfortable living environment.


Build and adapt Aptusportal Styra to suit your requirements.  Start with a few modules and add more as needed. You pay license fees for the module packages you use.

HOME MODULE This is the start page for Aptusportal Styra. There is space here for a welcome message and a picture. You can also view individual messages and articles on this page.    

BOOK MODULE This module is used by tenants to book facilities such as laundry rooms. If you want to use Aptus apps to make bookings via iPhone or Android, it is necessary to install a booking service.

LOCK MODULE This is where tenants can lock and unlock the Yale Doorman lock on their apartment door and see events relating to the lock. The module can also be used to unlock the entrance door. 

CONSUMPTION MODULE This module helps motivate tenants to minimize their energy and water consumption. Tenants can track their consumption via  tables and curve graphs. The module uses FDBWebService to fetch information from the Aptus Consumption Database.

SETTINGS MODULE Tenants can use this module to change the telephone number that the entry phone is connected to, and to manage the password for logging in to Aptusportal Styra and any apps that are used.

LOCKS & KEYS MODULE Here tenants can change, block or activate codes and block or activate proximity keys. Aptusportal Styra can also be used to manage proximity keys and codes for the Yale Doorman apartment lock, and to create visitor codes for the entrance and apartment locks. 

SERVICE REQUESTS MODULE Blocked drains, malfunctioning refrigerators. This module offers a practical system for making service requests.

Disabled access

Fifteen to twenty percent of the Swedish population have some form of physical disability. There are many reasons for not being able to access messages via a screen, such as visual impairment.

User tests
The interface in the new Aptusportal Styra has been carefully redesigned via user tests. You can choose to have the text read out, and you can navigate using the keyboard. Aptusportal Styra is designed to be used anywhere, regardless of whether you are on a bus or outdoors with the sun shining on the screen. The portal is designed for use on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Aptusportal Styra Demo



Aptus Home

The new Aptus Home app with push notifications. The app opens Aptusportal Styra, which allows the tenant to book communal rooms, see who is calling the entry phone and unlock the entry door and apartment door. In order for you to use the new functions, the Aptus software installed by your housing company/your employer, including Aptusportal Styra, must be at least version 8.7.

The Aptus Home app allows you to access your Aptus system at any time. This app gives you many smart Aptus functions.

  • Book: Enter your bookings, e.g. for laundry rooms.
  • Lock: Manage the Doorman lock on your apartment door or unlock the entrance door.
  • Locks & Keys: Manage your key tags and codes. Here you can also create a visitor code that allows your visitor to open the entrance door and the Doorman lock on your apartment door.
  • Settings: Change password, e-mail address and entry phone number and manage notification units.
  • Service request: Raise service requests directly via the app.

In order for you to use the new functions, the Aptus software installed by your housing company/your employer, including Aptusportal Styra, must be at least version 8.7.

Download via App Store and Google Play.

How do I activate the app?

  1. Download the app for your smartphone.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. You will need a web address (URL) to log in (e.g.: https://demo.aptustotal.se/AptusPortalStyra).
  5. You will need your user name and password.

If you do not have these credentials, you can request them from your housing company/your employer.