An access control system with an Aptus key gives you optimum access control

An Aptus access control system manages all locks and keys in the property – including entry doors, apartments, laundry rooms and attics.

We love security. That’s why we’re delighted to present an access control system that manages all keys. It gives you full control of all doors and rooms in the property while providing security for tenants and visitors.

Access control

Our access control system making sure the right people have access to the right areas. For example, your key might give you access to the whole property while your kids’ key doesn’t work in the garage door and workmen can only access the building during certain times.

Key management

An access system also saves you the worry of replacing costly lock cylinders, or of having copied keys and master keys floating around. If a key gets lost, simply block it and order a new one.

Expandable access control system

The access control system can be expanded with functions for tenant communication, booking and energy metering of communal rooms, entry phones and mailboxes.