Master Key Systems

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ASSA ABLOY high security Master Key Systems specially developed for the export market. Developed for Commercial and public buildings

ASSA ABLOY dp for commercial premises and public buildings is a cylinder series where we have selected the best of our cylinders and accumulated technology and know-how. ASSA ABLOY dp covers all your needs and safety levels. With one key you can unlock everything - from the high security cylinders with ASSA ABLOY CLIQ®-operation to the simplest storage. The technical level also makes it our safest cylinder range, thereby offering greater security.

Security at three levels

Optimize your locking system by choosing the right security level for each door. You will get the highest security with ASSA ABLOY dp CLIQ® cylinders. It is suitable, as an example, the outer shell of  datacenters and development departments, with CLIQ® cylinders you can easily control access electronically and the possibility to get log files from every cylinder. The next level is the dp high security cylinder. It is suitable for entrance doors, warehouse doors and section doors. Third level, the dp system cylinder, is still technically advanced but an economic choice storage room doors. The possibility to combine the three levels will thereby provide an economically advantageous solution.

ASSA ABLOY with dp CLIQ Remote

The cylinders of ASSA ABLOY dp is protected by patented technology at the very highest level in combination with the electronic code. A key can be assigned scheduled access, electronic locks and all events can if necessary be traced afterwards. A cylinder with CLIQ can be used in an entrance as well as a padlock in the forest. No wiring is required, making installation easy.


ASSA ABLOY P600 is suited for housing and middle sized commercial and public real estates and can be used for everything from outer shell protection to apartment doors, mailboxes and garbage rooms with only one key. The technical solution means double locking elements that provide a safe cylinder for increased security.

Security in two levels

You can optimize your locking system by choosing the right security level for each door. The highest security you get with a high security cylinders. These cylinders suits the outer shell and entrances with demands for high security. Where the same standard of safety in the door environment is not appropriate, you can choose ASSA ABLOY P600 system cylinder. The cylinder system is technologically very advanced, but will be an economic choice.

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