ASSA ABLOY PULSE Programming Device

Designed for easy and convenient electronic locking system programming, the ASSA ABLOY PULSE Programming Device connects to a smartphone uses the PULSE Beat connected mobile app.

Managing access and permissions for ASSA ABLOY PULSE locks, keys and updaters is made simple with the ASSA ABLOY PULSE Programming Device. 

By connecting the device to the mobile app and PULSE Beat software, system adminstrators can quickly update permissions, add locks and even download audit trails from inidividual keys. A secure SEOS connection guarantees peace of mind through ASSA ABLOY PULSE's data encryption, meaning your electronic locking system is always secure. 

The ASSA ABLOY PULSE Programming Device allows facility managers to download maintenance and diagnostics from all ASSA ABLOY PULSE compontents, including updating timestamps and acces rights. 

This portable device is powered from your smartphone so does not require batteries and can withstand hard weather conditions and repetitive usage.