ASSA ABLOY PULSE Programmable Key

One symmetrical, programmable key of our self-powered ASSA ABLOY PULSE locking solution gives users access to everything they need on site - from main access doors to personal cabinets and even the garbage unit. ASSA ABLOY PULSE is that simple to operate.

Every time a ASSA ABLOY PULSE key is inserted into one of the ASSA ABLOY PULSE locking devices, energy is generated that powers the lock's encrypted electronic security features. The lock then uses SEOS® technology, a secure encrypted and non-compromised product connection developed by Assa Abloy,to check the key's authorisation and grant access. This technology also potects the key data, helping to keep your premises secure.

Using this top class digital encryption, ASSA ABLOY PULSE keys  transmit up-to-date security information every time they are used in a ASSA ABLOY PULSE lock. This means data such as access rights, timestamps, logs and key blacklists are constantly updated throughout the day. Additionally ASSA ABLOY PULSE Keys can also be updated regularly using RFID and a ASSA ABLOY PULSE key updater.

Suitable for all kinds of multi-user environments, staff or residents only need to carry one key as access can be granted to all required locks in multiple systems through this one device. And with ASSA ABLOY PULSE Keys' patented dual credential technology it is easy to build a cost-effective locking system.
The symmetrical key design means it can be used in any direction and an LED indicator lights up when access is granted.