ASSA ABLOY PULSE: intelligent, secure and maintainable electronic locking system for commercial and multi-resident sites

A future-proof system that combines the best of electronic and mechanical security

ASSA ABLOY PULSE is our electronic locking solution with self-powered cylinders and padlocks. Designed for all kinds of environments, from schools to assisted living blocks and multi-resident apartments, ASSA ABLOY PULSE is an intelligent and future-proof solution you can install new or retro-fit in existing sites.

This wireless access system combines the flexibility of electronic locking with the famliarity of mechanical security and requires no batteries or external power supply. Each user carries one programmable key giving them access to a specific allocation of locks and doors. And with permissions assigned via Incedo Open, a remote, cloud-based access control software, ASSA ABLOY PULSE is not only really simple to use, it's also easily updated whenever and wherever necessary.

Self-charging with every use, ASSA ABLOY PULSE meets two of the biggest challenges facing security and society. Features including the ability to blocklist keys and its energy harvesting technology make ASSA ABLOY PULSE a locking system that's not just ready for the future, it's designed for it.

One convenient and programmable key gives personalised access

Forget bunches of mechanical keys and key-cards, with ASSA ABLOY PULSE every user carries one easily programmable key that can be updated every time it's used. Using cloud-based software, lost keys can easily be blacklist and access permissions enabled or revoked anywhere and at any time for a fully customisable system.

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Wireless and battery-free electronic locking that saves money

Self-powered cylinders and padlocks ensures this energy-harvesting electronic locking system saves money by requiring zero power consumption at the door. ASSA ABLOY PULSE uses the kinetic energy from key insertion and turning to power the encrypted electronics inside the system.

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Easy-to-install into new-build and existing premises

Simply swap traditional mechanical cylinders in the doors for ASSA ABLOY PULSE's electronic, self-powered cylinders and your new electronic locking system is ready to go with minimal disruption. And as cylinders, padlocks and keys are all reprogrammable, you can reuse them anywhere you need. 

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Cloud-based software makes updating access permissions possible anywhere

Facility managers stay in control anytime, anywhere thanks to PULSE Beat, a cloud-based access control system that programmes ASSA ABLOY PULSE keys with precise indivdual permissions. Incedo™ Open logs all events and generates audit trails and timestamps for any lock or key, meaning facility managers can always keep track of who's accessing where and when.  

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