A smart and accessibility-adapted doorman

The WellCom entry phone is not only attractive and a guide to point your guests in the right direction. It is also smart and equipped with loads of features, including a camera and presence sensor. In order for people who are visually impaired to be able to use WellCom, the entry phone will be equipped with text-to-speech.

Access control, digital tenant register and entry phone in one product

WellCom is a combined entry phone and acces control divice. The WellCom intercom is not only stylish and guides your guests right. It is also smart and equipped with lots of features such as camera and presence sensor.

WellCom has an update function.* This means that when one of the keys to the property goes astray and is blocked, the information is sent to WellCom. When the next person in the property places their key against WellCom, this information is transferred over to the key and as keys are used in the property the access control system is updated.

* Future functionality

Incedo™ Open

WellCom is part of the Incedo™ Open access control system. This access control system offers access control offline and online, access solutions for all doors in apartment buildings, and smart solutions for commercial properties. If your property has apartments and businesses under the same roof, then Incedo Open is the solution for you.