Access control systems, booking systems and entry phone systems for multi-residential properties.

The Aptus system, with access control systems, booking systems and entry phone systems, creates secure and safe environments in apartment buildings, while providing room for an efficient property management..

When property owners with key management problems sighs of high costs, when the apartment proprietor is tired of the always messy laundry room, when you have the need to streamline communication with tenants or simply want to offer residents a modern security system, we will solve it.

The smartphone app Aptus Home simplifies your life

The app opens Aptusportal Styra, which allows the tenant to book communal rooms, see who is calling the entry phone and unlock the entry door and apartment door. Read more here.

An access control system with an Aptus key gives you optimum access control

Our access control system making sure the right people have access to the right areas. For example, your key might give you access to the whole property while your kids’ key doesn’t work in the garage door and workmen can only access the building during certain times. Read more here.

Your entry phone – a guard and a guide

Aptus entry phones control access and display a tenant register. An entry code can easily get spread around, but an entry phone doesn’t allow visitors in until you’ve approved their call. Read more here.

A booking system improves living comfort

Having a system for booking the laundry room, guest apartment or conference rooms provides greater security and cost-effective management. Read more here.

Give tenants more information without visiting the property

An Aptus communication system saves you making costly visits to your properties and gives tenants the right information at exactly the time you choose. Read more here.

Aptus software administer everything in multiresidential properties.

A security and information system for residential buildings should be fun and simple to administer. That's why all our software is designed specifically for apartment buildings. We are unique in this respect.Read more here.

Relax. Our control units know what’s going on inside a building

It doesn't matter whether it's an access system with just a few doors or a gigantic system with thousands of doors. The control units have dynamic memories, which means you get to choose your priorities. Read more here.

Servera Hosting takes care of your Aptus system

We look after your Aptus system. We store and handle necessary data in a central database. You pay a fixed monthly fee and avoid all the worry about computers, databases and back-up routines. Read more here.