ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions secures and greens British schools


Two schools in Wolverhampton in central England were the first in the country to be certified as energy-efficient passive houses. The school buildings use an ASSA ABLOY master key system the ASSA ABLOY SMARTair access control.

The passive house standard dramatically reduces heating and cooling needs while maintaining ideal indoor comfort.

The ASSA ABLOY master key system provides security and freedom of movement. The ASSA ABLOY SMARTair access control system secures heavily frequented areas, such as classrooms.

Staff receive an individual key or tag giving access only to the areas they work in – extra security for equipment and sensitive information. It also helps prevent heat loss, making the buildings greener.

The schools are in the heartland of the British lock industry, practically on ASSA ABLOY's doorstep, so sourcing locally made environmental sense.

In addition, ASSA ABLOY understood the specific needs of schools and was able to meet the local authority’s strict requirement that the buildings couldn’t cost more than an average school building.