Hertz chooses convenience


When Hertz car rentals moved its headquarters to new facilities on the island of Lilla Essingen in Stockholm, they chose to invest in the web-based ASSA ABLOY RX WEB access control system.

The system can be installed on up to 16 doors, allowing a lot of growth room for Hertz. ASSA ABLOY RX WEB is easy to learn and offers a clear system overview, even for users who have never worked with it before. Access control is displayed in the user’s web browser and no other software is needed.

It’s convenient to be able to control the system from any computer in the office,” says a Hertz representative. "The web-based system with tabs is easy for users to orient themselves in."

On the other hand, Hertz says that it is a rarity to ever need to go into the system:

“It’s very reliable. It just works. We almost never have to go into it, and when we do it’s easy to use. Usually all we need to do is authorize a new employee or temporarily authorize someone who has lost their tag.”