Advanced lock technology protects the Vasa

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The warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Today she is protected by ASSA ABLOY ARX security system with vandalism protection, ASSA ABLOY CLIQ® cylinders and panic bars.

The Vasa Museum and the Maritime Museums in Stockholm and Karlskrona are all managed by Swedish National Maritime Museums, a government agency charged with preserving the country’s naval heritage.

Visitors to the Vasa Museum must be able to move freely in the facility while the irreplaceable artefacts are protected from harm. At the same time, it must be possible to quickly evacuate thousands of people. Security requirements – especially access protection – are rigorous.

A uniform security system

In connection with the expansion of the Vasa Museum and the Maritime Museum in 2013–2014, the agency decided to invest in a new lock system.

“We wanted an electromechanical system that makes it easy to block keys,” says the head of operations and security at Swedish National Maritime Museums. “We wanted the same system in all of our museums, and wanted to be able to install it without needing to modify the doors to fit the new cylinders. That’s why we chose the ASSA ABLOY CLIQ Remote.”

In the past, some staff members had keyrings with a dozen keys on them.

“Thanks to the ASSA ABLOY CLIQ® Remote, now they only need one.”

The keys can be remotely updated with unique access levels for each person depending on the rooms they need access to. The landlord also has keys, which can be lent to tradespeople who need temporary access, mainly to the museums’ machine rooms.

ASSA ABLOY ARX with online reader

“We’ve also installed the ASSA ABLOY ARX access control system with an online reader and proximity tags. The system is mounted in about a hundred heavy-use doors at the museums, to limit the number of employees who need to use a key. Both tags and codes are used depending on the safety requirements. We use different ARX readers, sometimes for aesthetic reasons.”

Fast evacuation routes needed for 2,000 visitors

The Vasa Museum has a maximum occupancy of 2,000 visitors in the ship hall. In the event of a fire or other disaster, the visitors must be able to be evacuated quickly.

“We have emergency bars on the entrance doors and panic bars from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions on the doors in the big ship hall.”