Security manager handles the ARX-system at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm houses concert halls, rehearsal rooms, studios, a restaurant and administration. Here, 1,000 students develop their musical skills, accompanied by 200 teachers. All use ARX Security system.

The technical equipment and acoustic design of the premises are of high standard. For the business to function smoothly, an access control system that combines accessibility with high security is required. The manager behind this access control system is Andreas Goude.

Andreas began his career as a sound and lighting technician. Today he is the Security manager, which makes him responsible for the school's access control system.

– In the older premises there were three different access control systems. Most rooms had mechanical locks and keys were lost. The music studios had doors that could be locked, which meant that students and teachers were sometimes accidentally locked in, says Andreas Goude, Security manager.

All buildings on Valhallavägen in Stockholm now have Pando readers as shell protection and Aperio card readers on the majority of the interior doors.

– In the new buildings, we have ARX Security system with alarms. Other access control systems we looked at could not be integrated with our existing systems, such as visitor registration and fire alarm. ARX has an API that makes integrations possible, says Andreas Goude.

The students' access cards function as ID cards, but also as library and copy cards. It happens that students and staff lose these cards.

– When a card is lost, a temporary authorization is added to both the user and SL card until they have received a new access card. We are also testing a solution, where you can use your smart phone to open the door, says Andreas.

ARX Security System

A security system with alarm and access control.

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All practice rooms have door leaf readers. All crucial technology is on the inside of the door. Only the antenna part is located on the outside, which prevents tampering.

– The door leaf reader that combines simplicity with security is a good solution, says Andreas.

Andreas controls the students access to the premises. Our future musicians have been assigned access certain time periods on weekdays and weekends. The ARX Security system logs who has been where and at what time.