What is your next security solution?

A well-functioning security solution is convenient, safe and secure. ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions delivers complete quality and future proof security solutions for all types of buildings. Browse our selected references to get inspired for your next security solution. If there are any segment you are interested but cannot find, don't hesitate to get in touch. We offer security solutions for almost any building and business.

Bank and Finance

Banks naturally have huge security needs. Protection from theft and break-ins yet flexible solutions to allow clients and staff to access the bank.

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Government facilities often need high security in combination with flexibility. A future-safe security solution for all public buildings,easy to administer.

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Healthcare facilities

In a healthcare facility access must be diverse and it's often limited to certain times of day in different areas. Accessibility, security and cleanliness are priorities.

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Industrial plant security requirements vary. Type of industry or production, how big the plant is and its geographical location all effect the door solution.

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Public facilities

A security solution for a public facility like an arena, sports center, concert hall or museum should make visitors feel secure. Open to the public yet protected.

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The customer is the primary focus of shops and department stores. Great availability and easy access, while still preventing theft and intruders, is a must.

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The IT and telecom sector often consists of geographically widespread facilities. High security must be maintained while allowing fast service access.

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Convenient security door solutions for logistics, public transportation facilities such as airports, train stations and subway stations and transit halls.

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Buildings used for school, preschool and after-school activities or higher education see lots of foot traffic. Safe and secure environment for all is key.

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Technology platforms

Hi-tech platforms for door and entrance environments

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Products that combined create complete security solutions

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