CLIQ® - the mechatronic access control system using key credentials

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The CLIQ® technology ensures a lock system that retains a high level of security despite upgrades, alterations or expansion.

The CLIQ® mechatronic locking system combines patented, high-end mechanical and electronic protection. It is based on programmable physical keys; a range of wireless locks and padlocks, suited to even the toughest climates; and powerful, user-friendly admin software.

Wire-free locking devices

A CLIQ® system improves site and building security with flexible access rights and key management — and is easy to administer anytime and from anywhere. It brings control and convenience without the need for wires: all CLIQ® locking devices are wire-free.

A range of key-operated mechanical cylinders and padlocks maximise physical security and attack resistance. CLIQ® technology then layers encrypted, user-friendly electronic security on top.

Multiple levels of access control

CLIQ® technology offers multiple levels of access control. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, CLIQ® Go is a fully electronic locking system built on CLIQ® technology. The CLIQ® Go app enables easy and comprehensive control over building security from a your mobile device or tablet.

CLIQ® Web Manager

CLIQ® Web Manager software enables a wide range of workflows. Administrators can create individual schedules for users or doors, and generate audit trails. The CLIQ® Web Manager is especially suited to organisations with administrators at multiple sites.

CLIQ® Connect solution

The CLIQ® Connect solution utilizes the Web Manager and links a programmable Bluetooth CLIQ® key to your smartphone, so you can update access rights anytime, anywhere, without a separate programming device. It is the perfect solution for businesses with remote sites or workers.

CLIQ® Remote

CLIQ® Remote makes it possible to give one person – regardless of location, anywhere in the world – remote access to a building. It also offers the option to decide the time of day an issued key will start and stop working, as well as in which doors.

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