ASSA Performer


ASSA developed its ASSA Performer software to help system administrators manage the keys in their Master Key Systems. As long as you maintain control of all your keys, your Master Key System will remain secure. If you lose this control, the security can be compromised.

There are four questions you must be aware of in key administration:

1. What keys have been distributed?

2. To whom have these keys been distributed?

3. What doors can a key holder access?

4. When are the keys due to be returned?

Manual key management is time consuming. It also increases the risk of errors. ASSA Performer gives you enhanced control of your lock system.

ASSA Performer is user friendly software withmany functions that will improve the management of your security system - some of the functions include:

  • Managing contacts and addresses
  • Distributing and receiving keys
  • Changing status of keys , for instance if one is reported lost or stolen
  • Ordering keys from your supplier
  • Generating reminders for distribution and return dates and times
  • Search functions
  • Finding out what a specific key goes to
  • Finding out which keys and users have access to a specific cylinder
  • Printing an array of reports
  • Printing receipts for keys that have been distributed or returned

ASSA Performer with Outlook connection

ASSA Performer with the Outlook add-on, makes it possible to select persons from your Outlook address book and to get reminders in your Outlook Calender.

ASSA ABLOY Mini catalogue

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