CLIQ® Web Manager



The CLIQ Remote locking system offers advanced security and convenient access management for master-key locking environments.

Software as a Service (SaaS) operated CLIQ Web Manager enables advanced multi site programming, administration and management of CLIQ Remote locks in combination with the CLIQ Terminal programming device and a Microsoft Windows based PC. Updates to the user keys can then be distributed through a Wall PD update unit.

The CLIQ Web Manager provides high security functions and a process regarding data management of the end customer's locking system. All lock and key programming operations requires physical admin keys and PIN codes to process programming tasks. This procedure ensures high system security.


  • Convenient management of CLIQ Remote locks and CLIQ Remote keys
  • Access right definition, restriction and change
  • Time restrictions
  • Automatic key overwrite
  • Key Revalidation
  • Blocking of lost keys
  • Audit trail reports
  • Central management
  • 24/7 uptime as Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Admin domains
  • Customizable admin roles
  • Easy installation in the Web-browser
  • Automatic backups and updates
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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