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Article number: 807718100000

ASSA Lock Spray is a lubricant. Use it to significantly enhance the reliability and longevity of mechanical and electromechanical cylinders.


  • EFFECTIVE - small dosage gives quick results
  • RAPID DRYING - does not bind dust and grit
  • WATER RESISTANT - does not bind salt, protects against corrosion
  • SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE - recommended twice a year or according to the building's service schedule
  • ANTI FREEZE - De-Icing and anti-freezing properties

Cleaning instructions

Shake before using. Insert the spray nozzle into the keyway of the cylinder and press the button for one second. Remove the nozzle from the keyway, insert the key and turn a couple of times. Wipe the key clean of any excess lubricant.

Service and maintenance

Several factors can affect the opening and closing of a door. To ensure the best functionality and durability, all doors require regular service and preventive maintenance.

Lock cylinder and keys

Service and maintenance is recommended twice a year or according to the building´s service schedule.

Always use ASSA Lock Spray

A conventional lockspray may clog a mechanical cylinder and damage an electromechanical cylinder. For locks in frequently used doors or locks exposed to harsh environmental conditions we recommend more frequent lubrication.

To avoid any disruptions in functionality due to condensation and/or freezing, maintenance should be scheduled before the winter period in cold climates.

ASSA electro mechanical functions, such as CLIQ, should be tested in accordance to the buildings maintenance agreement. A yearly test of the electro mechanical functionality is also recommended. The battery capacity of CLIQ keys should be checked once a year.

Keys with high usage tend to wear and should be replaced if the user experiences reduced opening functionality of the cylinder.


Never use grease, oil or graphite-based lubricants in locking cylinders, as these lubricants cause disruptions in functionality and clog up the mechanism.

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