4418 - Wall key deposit

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Article number: 819968*

*ASSA cylinders article numbers consist of a six numbered code followed by a three numbered variation code followed by a three numbered surface treatment code.

Only a full article number is valid ex. XXXXXX-YYY-ZZZ.


The ASSA Wall key deposit is designed for temporary storage of individual entrance keys to buildings or, integrated in designated building areas. Authorized maintenance or emergency personnel may gain access to the building using a unique maintenance key to open the deposit and take out the entrance key.


Maintenance providers and emergency services are authorized to open the wall key deposit with the unique maintenance key of the building. They use the entrance key to gain access to the building and perform the intended maintenance or carry out emergency operations. Afterwards, the building is locked and the maintenance key is returned to the wall key deposit.


To prevent vandalism, the wall key deposit should be installed in a concrete wall of quality K250 or higher. Install at least 1,500 mm above ground level.

The wall key deposit must incorporate an approved ASSA high-security cylinder where the keys have a minimum key control level of SELECTED to ensure protection against unauthorised copying.

For optimized security, the cylinder and the key of the wall key deposit should not be included in the building's master key system. The wall key deposit can be equipped with a built-in microswitch for alarm indication.

Protected against vandalism

  • To be used in combination with a specially designed, approved high-security cylinder such as ASSA dp
  • Protected against picking and manipulation. • Designed primarily for mounting in a concrete wall.
  • Steel tube Ø 45 mm, protected against corrosion.
  • Suitable accessories for mounting include an expander bolt or a washer with a threaded bolt.


4418 ASSA dp Cylinder

Surface treatment

  • Satin Chrome (213)
  • Polish Chrome (211)
  • Polish Brass (220)
  • Satin Brass (221)
  • Brown oxid (044)


ASSA warrants its cylinders against defective workmanship or wear under normal use and with regular maintenance.

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