44425 - WP Key locking

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Article number: 706248*

*ASSA cylinders article numbers consist of a six numbered code followed by a three numbered variation code followed by a three numbered surface treatment code.

Only a full article number is valid ex. XXXXXX-YYY-ZZZ.


WP is ASSA's new range of high-tech padlocks designed for harsh weather conditions around the world. The locks have unique characteristics to withstand the most extreme rigors of time without being affected. WP stands for Weather Proof.  

With the sealing O-rings at the shackle, the cylinder and the keyway an ASSA WP padlock is weather proof. This means that the locks can hang out in the rain and wind, the inside is just as dry. The lock also has a good resistance to corrosion and meets the highest standards for corrosion resistance.


  • Shackle in Boron steel
  • Padlock body in steel WP2 and hardened steel WP3 and WP4
  • Chrome finish
  • IP68 Rated
  • Included in the insurance companies approved lock unit
  • Designed for alternative cylinder types
  • Fits into Master Key Systems
  • Sealed lock cylinder
  • Key -locking design
  • Operating Temperatures: -40° F to +130° F and -40º C to +80° C
  • Comes with alternate shackle heights


ASSA WP padlock is ideal for use with CLIQ or CLIQ Remote technologies. With CLIQ you combine mechanical lock technology with an electromechanical encrypted code.

CLIQ Remote is unique and can be used anywhere, even when the padlock is placed in harsh environments. It is also possible to get ASSA WP padlocks with other Master key systems from ASSA.  


  • Polish Chrome (211)  

Weather resistance  

IP68 - fully dust tight, withstands continued immersion in water  

IP (International Protection) indicate how well an item is protected against dust and water ingress. The first digit indicates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of foreign objects and dust, the second digit indicates water resistance. The IP68 designation awarded to ASSA ® WEATHER PROOF (WP) padlocks indicates a hermetic seal.


ASSA warrants its padlocks against defective workmanship or wear under normal use and with regular maintenance.

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