44M27 - Single cylinder with oval turn

Order information

Article number: 820036*

*ASSA cylinders article numbers consist of a six numbered code followed by a three numbered variation code followed by a three numbered surface treatment code.

Only a full article number is valid ex. XXXXXX-YYY-ZZZ.


For use with locks accepting Euro profile cylinders.


Cylinders are supplied with fixing screw.

Standard lengths are 61mm and 71mm

Extended length cylinders are also available.

Decorative and security accessories are available: see Door Furniture section.

Optional functions:

A1 - Classroom, clockwise

B1 - Classroom, anticlockwise

C1 - Clutch

DA1 - Dual action

The M20 high security Euro cylinder range is also available offering high resistance to snapping.

Surface treatment

  • Satin Chrome (213)
  • Polish Chrome (211)
  • Polish Brass (220)
  • Satin Brass (221)
  • Brown oxid (044)


ASSA warrants its cylinders against defective workmanship or wear under normal use and with regular maintenance.

ASSA ABLOY Mini catalogue

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