Keys & Keying


Article number: -

Master key: 820001

Sub master key: 820002 ´

Key ordered afterwards: 820003

All ASSA keys are manufactured from the highest quality nickel silver material and the key's rounded back facilitates gives smooth operation and minimizes wear.


  • Two different key cuts designed to operate two independent locking mechanisms
  • Innovative key design protected by international patents
  • Patented key control offers the ultimate in high security
  • Top cuts can be generated on standard, quality code cutting equipment
  • ASSA's generous keying capabilities allow vast amount of change keys under a single master key
  • Every key is unique worldwide
  • Only one physical key profile
  • EN1303:2005 Key related security grade 6 

Technical Information

  • High quality nickel silver material
  • Maximum adjacent cut is 5 and 2 alike codes in a row may be used
  • Nine different top code heights

ASSA ABLOY Mini catalogue

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