Coming changes in our logistic and distribution setup

Change #1

The coming weekend, Friday the 18th of October we are starting to merge and update our two separate Swedish ERP systems into one. This means all deliveries and handlings including express shipments will be closed on the Friday the 18th of October.

Products affected:

Lock cases, hinges, window solution and Industrial lock.

Order handling will reopen on the Monday the 21st of October at 08.00 (UTC+2). Customer service will be open as usual for support enquiries on normal hours.


Change #2

The future distribution will be operated by a Third party solution located in Gothenburg for all Scandinavian entities. AAOS have prepared this change for a long time and we will start up by moving products from our current warehouses in Eskilstuna and Gothenburg in early November.

We are planning to finalize the move in December 2019. This is a major operation for us and we are fully prepared.

We ask for your understanding during this time, where you as a customer could be affected with some longer lead times on our products.

If you have any questions please contact your Area Sales manager or our customer service for more details.