4.31.0 - New version of ASSA ABLOY Security Master (ASM)

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A new version of ASSA Security Master (ASM) will be released on Friday, November 29, 2019 at 15:00 pm (version 4.31.0). It is a mandatory upgrade as it include major changes and improved functionality. This means that from 29/11 13:00 – 2/12 08:00 our MKS department won´t be able to handle any new orders for MKS.

We recommend that you read through all this information before upgrading begins. You can always click on your ASSA Smart guides for instructions on how to upgrade:


Guide Local installation >

Guide Server installation > 


Version: 4.31.0                                        

Date: As of December 2, 2019, only version 4.31.0 can be used.

Location for download: Installation file is available on ASSA web support. See link here.

Upgrade requirements: All ASM users must upgrade.

Prerequisite: Version 4.30.

Windows version: Windows 7 or later.

Backup: Backup must be done before upgrading. See link for "back up and restore".

ASSA Performer:Version 3.4.5 or later. For those using dp CLIQ, version must be used.

Network ASM: If ASM is used on your network, the database must be upgraded (once enough). The upgrade is performed from one of the clients. After that, all clients must be upgraded locally on each PC in order for ASM to work on all stations.



News in version 4.31

  • The possibility of creating new systems in the ASM of the 700 and 5800 series is no longer possible.
  • Better utilization of calculated reserves to reduce unnecessary reorganization of general cylinders in the event of changes in the locking schedule.
  • Current date setting when creating a new lock system and authorization agreement if no other date is deliberately chosen.
  • New ASSA ABLOY logotype and new company name in Security master.
  • Improvement / reimbursement procedure improved.
    • A-markings in SEP groups are handled correctly.
    • C and G cylinders will be properly re-pinned.
  • Teamviewer link in Security master for faster support.
  • Link to log files in Security master.


Other information

To facilitate the installation of ASM, the installation software will validate in advance that sufficient access for the catalogues in which the installation is performed. Be sure to look through the documents of supported products at each release of ASM as these can be changed.

For customers who use a BDE engine in your business system or similar, here is a link to the steps you need to take before the ASM upgrade.


Simplified help with ASSA Smart guides:

In order to simplify and reduce the need for support, there are now guides that show the most common tasks. See link here.

If you experience errors with the upgrade take help from ASSA guides or contact ASSA Helpdesk: Phone: 0771-640 640


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