ASSA ABLOY PIN & SENSEStand-alone battery driven electromechanical locks

The electromechanical locks PIN & SENSE are stand-alone products for environments such as swim and sport centers, gyms, schools, hospitals, libraries, shops, etc.

Stand-alone battery driven electromechanical locks

The stand-alone locks PIN and SENSE are programmed on site and do not require any overlying software or programming equipment. PIN and SENSE are used to advantage in most types of storage cabinets and with their various functions are well suited for both short-term use by different people and by the same person or a group of people using the cabinet for a longer period of time. The locks are intended for installation in dry areas but can be supplemented with a sealing rubber gasket for use in humid indoor environments. Examples of areas of use are swim and sport centers, gyms, schools, hospitals, libraries, shops, etc.


The locks can be set in two different user modes, private or public. The knob of the locks has an overload protection that prevents you from destroying or turning up the lock with tools.



The locks are available in two lengths for mounting in doors up to 15 mm and 23 mm thick, respectively. The locks have both sound and light to simplify use. The locks are equipped with a USB port through which you can temporarily energize them if the batteries have been discharged. ASSA ABLOY's standard rules for cabinet lock cylinders are used for both locks. The locks are easily mounted in the existing hole recess on the door and require only an extra hole in the door for a complementary screw.

Smart programming

The locks can be easily programmed to put it into operation in private or public mode in a few seconds. The lock can be easily programmed quickly to put it into operation in any of these modes in a few seconds, but more advanced programming is also available.



  • Electromechanical lock
  • Stand-alone
  • Battery driven, 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
  • Micro USB type B (external power supply)