ASSA adopts new name and organization to strengthen customer focus

We are changing our name and adapting our organization to continue to build a leading brand and a focused Scandinavian structure.


The new name and organization will enable us to create clarity and to simplify matters for our employees, customers and partners. With a common name and a cohesive Scandinavian organization, we will be well equipped to provide better products and innovative total solutions.


What is changing?

In Sweden, the companies ASSA AB and ASSA OEM AB will be united under the new name ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Sweden AB. The planned merger and name change will be implemented on November 1, 2018.

At the same time, we are designing a Scandinavian organization that will become effective on January 1, 2019.

Much will be the same: the products, offerings, people and our focus will remain unchanged. Our local roots and proud history will continue to be integral to our success. However, our marketing material will have a new appearance and you will see a new name and logo on our products, packaging, and a new company name on our signs, invoices, order confirmations, email signatures, etc.

“The main purpose of these changes is to create a focused organization that delivers a portfolio of products and solutions to address the future challenges of our customers,” says Marie Samuelsson, Market Region Manager Scandinavia.

“Together we will build a leading brand that is global and well-known. In the future we will meet the market with a portfolio of products and solutions, all focused on the customer experience and simplicity. This will increase our competitiveness and we will continue to be the brand that stands for innovative solutions that are smarter, more integrated and better designed.”

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What organizational changes will I experience as a customer?

Answer »

When we interact together, you’ll notice our new company name. Instead of ASSA AB or ASSA OEM AB, you’ll see the name ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Sweden AB.

Will my usual contact points remain the same?

Answer »

We’re only changing our name. Our product portfolio and your contact person in the company remain the same.

What’s the purpose of the name change?

Answer »

By gathering our operations under one name, we can build a leading and more innovative brand: ASSA ABLOY. Scandinavia is an important region for ASSA ABLOY and we aim to show our leading position in that region. 

Will the ASSA brand disappear from distribution and retailer channels?

Answer »

We are gradually introducing the ASSA ABLOY brand in our distribution and retail channels. You will soon see our new look and logotype on products, packaging and marketing material. 

Does the rebranding impact the breadth of your offering?

Answer »

Our new brand doesn’t affect the breadth of solutions we provide. We however aim to further increase our focus on innovation and product development. 

Who should I contact to know more?

Answer »

Please get in touch with your usual contact person for any questions you may have.