ARX with AddSecure Inside


A secure alarm and access solution with integrated certified alarm transmission and simplified alarm subscription management. Cost-effective, integrated and certified alarm transmission which is easy to handle and install.

What makes ARX with AddSecure Inside unique?

For a customer, "ARX with AddSecure Inside" means that you get a simplified and cost-effective alarm transmission solution, which is easy to use, manage and install. The solution is designed to simplify the installation process and the handling of several alarm subscriptions in large systems. With "ARX with AddSecure Inside" you can monitor all security systems and alarm subscriptions from one interface. A new, smarter way to work!

Benefits for end customer

  • ARX ​​is a certified alarm transmitter in alarm class 2 (Grade 3)
  • Reduced costs through new subscription forms
  • Reduced costs by erasing need for separate alarm transmitter (installation, hardware, subsequent service)
  • Better control and overview of active and deactivated alarm subscriptions directly in ARX software
  • Increased security by connecting ARX alarm transmission directly to AddSecure
  • New available services by integrating ARX with AddSecure School Security

Benefits for installers

  • Easier and faster deployment by connecting ARX directly to AddSecure (no separate alarm transmitter is needed)
  • Easier, faster and safer management of subscription codes by exporting all current subscription data from AddSecure and importing directly into ARX
  • Better control through new test function which shows the status of connection to AddSecure
  • Compatibility. An ARX system connects both old traditional alarm transmitters and the new direct connection to AddSecure


What organizational changes will I experience as a customer?

Answer »

ARX is a unique security system with alarm and access control that controls various functions in a property. The system controls and ensures, for example, burglar alarms, door locks and door automatics and fire alarms interact.

With ARX fully integrated alarms and other innovative functions, advantages are created which give you as a customer the prerequisites for financial installation, easy administration and safe users. Choosing ARX not only reduces the risk of burglary and vandalism, it also increases the integrity and security of your business. Read more about ARX

Will the ASSA brand disappear from distribution and retailer channels?

Answer »

For all alarm systems, secure alarm communication is a crucial component. With AddSecure Inside, the communication between the alarm system and the selected alarm receiver is monitored 24 hours a day without the need for any extra alarm transmitter.

In order for the alarm communication to work, one or more alarm subscriptions must be activated and programmed in ARX. Because ARX is often installed as a very large security system, the system often includes several alarm subscriptions (previously several alarm transmitters have been installed). With AddSecure Inside, users get a unique overview of current alarm subscriptions directly in ARX.

The new service simplifies the handling of alarm subscriptions. Ordering new subscriptions and changes to existing subscriptions is automated and all aggregated subscription data, such as type of contract, subscriber owner, IP address and port information, which alarm center it is connected to is imported directly into the ARX. A new, smarter way to work simply.

Will the ASSA brand disappear from distribution and retailer channels?

Answer »

We are gradually introducing the ASSA ABLOY brand in our distribution and retail channels. You will soon see our new look and logotype on products, packaging and marketing material.