Cylinder and lever blocking


A lock house needs a blocking mechanism to prevent unauthorized persons ability to unlock the lock. There are two mechanical variations of these: cylinder and lever blocking.

An approved cylinder for a front door should be in the round version, and shoud be on both the inside as well as the outside of the door.

A lever block is placed inside the lock house and shall be supplemented by safety accessories. Thanks to the lockout/blocking mechanism located inside the lock house it's difficult to access and attack this vital part of the lock. A lock with lever block is always safe when it is locked, because it must be locked with a key from both inside and outside.

A very important feature is to have copy protected keys. Through such you take control of the keys and any possible copying in the future. If you have a copy protection for your keys - it means that you (as the owner and holder of the related token) is the only one who can get extra keys made. So even if you temporarily lend your key, they won't be able to make a copy of your keys.